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Just in time for the Locavores main challenge in May (we're still doing our own in August), a new group blog (of which I am one of a number of authors)



It ain't food

But it's most definitely folk.

I can't say enough how much I am loving Springsteen's new album of Seeger covers (which are themselves covers of folk songs - gotta love the folk process), created over the course of three days in a house, 1 take per song. Not only the songs themselves, the instrumentals, Springsteen's voice lending itself naturally, the other singers, the styling, but the whole process rocks my party world. Definitely worth it to own. And tour dates have been announced, though tickets for the two places I would go aren't on sale yet.

[Thanks to Dr. G$ for clueing me in that this thing I've heard about in the background noise of NPR and the web is something I may actually want to focus intense intention on.]


More Local Eating

Although our own effort will really concentrate in August, we buy and eat locally produced foods as much as possible year-round. The Locavores are doing a May challenge this year, and these crazy kids ate within 100 miles for a year in Vancouver. They have a great site with a lot of clear and to the point info, for those wondering what the fuss is all about.

My favorite quick line, "Let's rebuild the family farm, stop burning oil to move our food around, and remember what good eating is all about."


In which B and SZ make Sushi for the first time.


Eco-fish! Check it out! Takes all the guess work and thought and carrying little cards around out of buying health and environmentally friendly fish.

sushi rice cooling

Sushi rice cooling.

spicy tuna maki

Spicy teka maki ready to be maki-d

Our first maki!

rooooolll it, pat it, and mark it with a 'B'

cutting the maki

cutting it up was actually the hardest part - I squashed them, B made them very thick.

Yet another successful non-American food experiment brought to you by Lent2006.
B made eggrolls

this was awhile back, i have some catching up to do. As you can see, he panfried them then baked them off for a bit. They were absolutely delicious - a filling of cabbage, mostly, with some mushrooms and onions.

eggroll interior

mmmmmmmm . . .

B's eggrolls

This was one of the huge successes of Lent2006, in which B and SZ gave up American food.